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Local River Reports

(Updated 2-17-15 @ 2:00 pm) 


Columbia River: Anglers are catching steelhead above McNary Dam trolling plugs and using shrimp n bobber. Bank fisherman and boat fisherman are both catching fish up to State Line. Sturgeon fishing below McNary has been fair roll mop, squid, and herring have all been working good.

Snake River: Anglers are catching steelhead and a few salmon from the Dam down to the mouth. Angler's fishing off the mouth of the Imnaha, Grande Rhonde, and Salmon River's are having good success catching steelhead.

ClearWater River: Anglers are catching a few B fish from the South Fork down into the main river below Orifino.

Deschutes River: No Reports

Grande Ronde River: No fishing or creel reports. Creel Report for Jan. 15-18th: Oregon Water: Anglers 34, Hours Fished 157.0, Kept 11, Released 40, Total Catch 51, Hour per Fish 3.1. Washington Water: Anglers 44, Hours Fished 222.7, Kept 18, Released 38, Total Catch 56, Hour per Fish 4.0.

John Day River: No Report

Umatilla River: Angler's are having Excellent success catching steelhead in the Pendleton area down to the mouth below 3 Mile Dam pretty consistently drifting egg's, bobber n jigs, throwing spinners, using egg pattern flies and beads, and also swinging a variety of steelhead patterns. River conditions are ideal for catching now. Creel Report: Jan. 14-15th interviewed 27 anglers that fished 49 hours and released 6 native steelhead for a catch rate of 8.2 hours per fish. Fish count over 3 Mile Dam: 4418

Wallowa River: Anglers have been catching several steelhead from the Minam Park down to Rondowa and up along the highway above the Minam motel using jigs, eggs, and fly fishing using egg patterns. Creel Report: Feb. 10-15th Wallowa River: Anglers 109, Hours fished 431.2, Kept 61, Released 50, Total catch 111, Hours per fish 3.9. Rondowa:  Anglers 9, Hours fished 60.0, Kept 9, Released 15, Total catch 24, Hours per fish 2.5.

Imnaha River: Angler are catching steelhead. Spinner's, jig's, egg's, and flies are all catching fish.

Weneha River: No Reports

Walla Walla River: No Report 

McKay Reservoir: Closed to fishing until March 1st 2015.


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