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Local River Reports

(Updated 11-12-14 @ 11:00 am) 


Columbia River: Anglers are catching steelhead and salmon in the Drano area and off the mouth of the Klickitat and Deschutes trolling plugs, herring, brad's super baits and hover fishing with egg's. Anglers are also picking up a few salmon and steelhead above McNary Dam trolling plugs and shrimp n bobber have been working the best.

Snake River: Anglers are catching steelhead and a few salmon from the Dam down to the mouth. Angler's fishing off the mouth of the Imnaha, Grande Rhonde, and Salmon River's are having good success catching steelhead.

ClearWater River: Anglers are catching a few B fish from the South Fork down into the main river below Orifino.

Deschutes River: Anglers have been catching a few steelhead from Mack's Canyon downstream to the mouth. Spinner's and plugs or Fly fishing either swinging flies or nymphing has also been very effective at hooking up fish.

Grande Ronde River: Anglers have been catching several steelhead on spinners and jigs. Fly fisherman have also been catching fish. Creel Report for 11-7-9thth: Oregon Water: Anglers 58, Hours Fished 283.8, Kept 16, Released 25, Total Catch 41, Hour per Fish 6.9. Washington Water: Anglers 50, Hours Fished 252.4, Kept 11, Released 7, Total Catch 18, Hour per Fish 14.0.

John Day River: Anglers are catching a few steelhead from Cottonwood Bridge down to the mouth. Throwing spinner's and swinging flies.

Umatilla River: Angler's have been catching several salmon and steelhead in the Pendleton area down to the mouth below 3 Mile Dam drifting egg's, throwing spinners, and using egg pattern flies and bead. Creel Report 11-3-9th: 58 anglers targeting salmon last week that fished 186 hours and caught 22 coho and 2 Chinook salmon, and 9 steelhead for a good catch rate of 5.6 hours per fish. Nineteen anglers targeting steelhead fished 46 hours and caught 2 coho and 1 Chinook salmon, and 26 steelhead for a good catch rate of 1.6 hours per fish.

Wallowa River: Open to trout fishing. We have had a couple of reports of Trout angler's hooking a few steelhead.

Imnaha River: Angler are catching steelhead in the lower river from Cow's Creek down to the mouth. Spinner's, jig's, egg's, and flies are all catching fish.

Weneha River: No Reports

Walla Walla River: No Report 

McKay Reservoir: Closed to fishing until March 1st 2015.


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